Federal Spending Growth

Kurt Brouwer May 13th, 2009

From the Heritage Foundation’s 2009 Book of Charts:


Source: Heritage Foundation

Federal spending is a recession-proof growth industry as this chart shows. Through good times or bad times, our government just keeps gobbling up more and more of our money.

Heritage’s annual Book of Charts has tons of great visual information on government spending, debt, taxes and growth in entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare.

In case anyone wonders why this is important, just look at the chart again and consider what this will look like in 10 years. If government spending continues growing far faster than household incomes, then government taxes will have to consume an increasing percentage of those incomes. Yikes.

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  1. John McNamaraon 14 May 2009 at 3:51 am

    Given the unsustainable nature of this, where does an investor position himself over the next 10 years? I think it’s safe to say that we’ll see gov’t spending even greater than the charts illustrate over the next 4 years, certainly, and perhaps the next 8.

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