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Kurt Brouwer November 17th, 2009

I’m excited to announce that Fundmastery Blog is now on’s hugely popular financial website.

Click on this link to go directly to our new site: Fundmastery Blog.

Or, if you want to type the URL in your browser, here it is:

Please bookmark the new link as the new site does not have an email notification system for new posts.  I hope you will visit often.

Along with the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and SmartMoney, is part of Dow Jones.  Here is some background information from Wikipedia on MarketWatch:

MarketWatch operates a financial information website that provides business news, analysis and stock market data to some 6 million people. MarketWatch offers personal finance news and advice, tools for investors and access to industry research. Along with its flagship website, the company operates and the stock market simulation site MarketWatch produces the syndicated MarketWatch Weekend television program and provides radio updates every 30 minutes on the Radio Network. It also offers subscription products for individual investors, including the Hulbert Financial Digest suite of products, Retirement Weekly and ETF Trader

At the new site, I will continue writing on investing, mutual funds, personal finance, ETFs, economics, financial advice and more.  As always, I will try to share with you my insights, instincts and the battle-tested information I’ve gained from 30 years of work in the trenches of the financial services industry.  I will not be posting on this site very often, if at all, so please join us at

Kurt Brouwer

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2 Responses to “Fundmastery Blog now on”

  1. AKon 31 Dec 2009 at 1:03 pm

    What a wonderful way to celebrate one of the
    toughest years the financial industry and their
    support staff have been through.

    Mazel tov!

    Find a sober, designated driver and
    savor your champagne–or non
    ETOH celebratory beverage of choice.

    All of you, everywhere. Thank you.

  2. http://www.financehelpdirect.comon 08 Feb 2010 at 9:16 am

    The list is something unexpected and really very helpful to a certain extent.Thanks for the article. Hope u come up with more of this kind…

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